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Papadom (Spicy or Plain)

Chutney Tray (4 dips)

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka

Pieces of chicken or lamb spiced and marinated, cooked in the tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken

Spring chicken on the bone, spiced and marinated, cooked in the tandoor.

Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb blended in coriander, fresh herbs and ground spices, cooked in the tandoor.

King Prawn Butterfly

A whole leavened king-prawn seasoned with cracked black pepper, coated with golden crumbs, deep-fried. A classic favourite.

Nargis Kebab

Spicy minced lamb pasted over hard-boiled egg, dressed with omelette.

Tender Lamb Chops

Lamb chops, delicately spiced and cooked in the grill.

Chilli Paneer Tikka (V)

Indian cottage cheese marinated in spice and green chillies, pan fried till cooked evenly. Served on a sizzler.

Imli Imli

Chicken and Lamb Tikka cooked with tamarind sauce with sweet chilli sauce, served with a light bread.

Onion Bhaji (V)

Spicy, crispy Indian fritters, made with onions and gram flour.

Samosa Medley

Vegetable, Meat and Chicken. A selection of pastry triangles with a filling.

Chicken Tikka Pakora

Chicken tikka marinated with spices in a batter.

Fish Pakora

Fish fillet coated in batter and deep fried.

Aloo Tikka and Garlic Mushrooms

Mashed potatoes marinated with spices and herbs, stirred in a pan with mushrooms and garlic.

Prawn Cocktail

Norwegian prawns on a bed of lettuce topped with cocktail sauce, with a cherry on the top. Served in a glass.

Vegetable Mixed Platter (V)

Consists of vegetable samosa, onion bhaji and garlic mushrooms.

Tandoori Mixed Kebab

Consisting of sheek kebab, chicken tikka & lamb tikka

Grilled Salmon Tikka

Chunks of Salmon fish, delicately spiced and cooked in the grill.

Tandoori Sizzlers (Mains)

All are served with fresh crisp salad and mint sauce.

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka

Pieces of chicken or lamb spiced and marinated in a traditional recipe, cooked in the tandoor.

Half Tandoori Chicken

Chicken on the bone, spiced and marinated in a traditional recipe, cooked in the tandoor.

Tandoori King Prawns

Jumbo king prawns spiced and marinated, cooked in the tandoor.

Chicken or Lamb Shashlik

Chicken or Lamb Shashlik

Mixed Shashlik

A tandoori mix selection of chicken tikka and lamb tikka with generous portions of shallots, bell peppers & garlic. Served with a naan bread.

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Consisting of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & tandoori chicken. Served with a naan bread.

Main Course Specialities

Tikka Masala (Chicken or Lamb)

Sweet and creamy dish in a red creamy sauce.

Tandoori Murghi Masala

Cooked with Chef’s own recipe, comes with strips of Tandoori Chicken, Keema and topped with a boiled egg.

Tandoori Mix Bhuna

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka & Sheek Kebab, cooked in a Bhuna sauce.

Rezalla (Chicken or Lamb)

A traditional hot Nepalese dish, cooked with green chillies, capsicum, baby onions, and spices.

Achari (Chicken or Lamb)

A truly scrumptious pickle bhuna cooked with various herbs and spices.

North Indian Garlic Chilli (Chicken or Lamb)

A hot and spicy dish with garlic, garnished with coriander.

Modhu Mint Lamb Aloo

Cooked with mild spices, mint and honey.

Naga-Walla (Chicken or Lamb)

Diced meat served in a very hot sauce prepared with onions, tomatoes, and peppers infused with Naga pickle. A must have for chilli lovers.

Shatkora (Chicken or Lamb)

A Bangladeshi gastronomical delight cooked with a citrus fruit to create a unique taste.

Seafood Specialities

Salmon Tikka Celoni

Grilled salmon cooked in a tangy sauce with a hint of fresh lemon.

Biryani Dishes

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani

Tandoori Chicken Biryani

King Prawn Biryani

Mixed Vegetable Biryani (V)

Special Mixed Biryani

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & Norwegian prawns, with omelette topping.

Biryani dishes are cooked with basmati rice. Flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon & exotic spices. Served with our house selected vegetable curry. All chicken biryanis come with boiled egg.

Vegetable Side Dishes (V)

All our side dishes can be cooked as a main dish for 5.95


Mushroom / Bhindi / Saag / Chana / Cauliflower.

Roshuni Saag

Fresh spinach cooked in olive oil with fried garlic and onions with turmeric and a hint of shallots.

Saag Aloo

Spinach & Potatoes.

Aloo Gobi

Potato and cauliflower spiced with cumin and turmeric. Semi dry, cooked in olive oil with onions and coriander.

Bombay Aloo

Spiced Potatoes.

Saag Paneer

Spinach & Indian Cheese.

Mattar Paneer

Chick Peas & Indian Cheese.

Tarka Dall (Lentils)

The renowned concussion of five varieties of lentils, cooked in steamed pots, finished with a pan-fried tarka of sliced fried garlic, shallots and bay leaves in olive oil.

European Dishes

All European dishes are served with fresh crispy salad and chips.

Sirloin Steak & Chips

Cooked medium or well done.

Chicken or Prawn Omelette

Plain or Mushroom Omelette

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Fish Fingers & Chips

Scampi & Chips